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Load Bearing Pads 

A critical part of any construction design is to accommodate for mating surface irregularity and differential movement in service. To address this issue bridge bearings, or load pads are required.

Ranging from a small rubber pad for a light weight Pre Cast beam, a Fabric laminated Bridge Bearing or a fully guided PTFE/ Teflon Bearing, Armadillo have a deep understanding of this science and offer a range of proven solutions.

armaloadARMALOAD - DLW66  Bridge Bearing Pad

Armaload Bearing Pads are made from masticated elastomer which is fully cured and fibre reinforced. During the manufacturing process synthetic fibres are added to the base compounds to create an internal strengthening much like steel reinforced concrete. This mesh structure delivers enhanced tensile and compressive strength, stiffness, tear resistance, durability and superior ozone and weather resistance. The combination of these properties cannot be achieved with out fiber reinforcement.
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NitrileNITRILE Grade MIL-C-882 Fabric Reinforced Bearing Pad

Armadillo Nitrile complying to MIL-C-882 is a scientifically designed elastomeric pad specifically for this purpose. Manufactured from compressed layers of closely woven lightweight duck impregnated with elastomer this material will with stand loads between 10,000 psi and 20,000 psi before breakdown.
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The vibration control properties of rubber bonded cork have long been recognised in machine installations. By combining the resilience of the cork with a nitrile elastomeric compound a product has been produced which gives excellent vibration isolation characteristics with the benefit of long term protection against creep and set.
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Industrial Grade Neoprene pads provide an ideal low cost method to overcome slight surface irregularities on installation and fixing.

Some applications do not warrant the expense of a custom made Vibration Control pad but do require some element of resilience in the installation.

We are happy to supply small quantities or custom cut rubber and neoprene pads, call us now to discuss your requirements.
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