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dance floor pad 600px 72piIntroduction

Installing a performance floor for either gynasiums, dance studios or sports halls can be an issue on solid concrete or very stiff floors.

In 2008 Armadillo were approached by the Birmingham Royal Ballet to develope an isolation pad for their dance floor. After developement the isolator was evaluated by Loughborough University for rebound, damping, shock absorption and noise reduction. The resulting product, was Armadillo DFP15. Supplied in ready cut pads with the addition of self adhesive backing (SAB) for speed of installation.  The pads are arranged in a grid formation to support a lattice work of pine wood spas  to which a plywood deck can be attached prior to the finished flooring surface.



Comprising of a granular construction the pads offer a very wide load tolerance therefore the distribution of the pads is not as critical as many other isolation systems. Giving excellent long term, creep free performance the pads are an ideal fit and forget solution to this vital part of a sports facillity design.

  • Balanced damping for optimum performance
  • Long term creep is less than 3% of original thickness.
  • Offers a very wide performance load capacity giving freedom for positioning on installation.
  • Retains its properties under extreme temporary loading conditions.

Common Applications

  • Dance Floors.
  • Cinema Flooring.
  • Gymnasium Floors.
  • Sports Halls and Courts.

                               floor set up